About Us

Perfect Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.

We are a consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in organizational strategy, human resources, executive/leadership coaching and development, business development and brand strategy.

From fortune 500 organizations to entrepreneurial startups to nonprofit entities, Perfect Solutions Consulting Group has built a reputation for maximizing potential and inspiring possibilities. We establish and support client relationships by clearly defining goals and developing action plans to achieve expected results. We partner with our clients to provide transformative value-added solutions that are anchored in excellence, trust, professionalism, innovation, and personalization.


Cultivating excellence in people, organizations and communities.


To provide transformative, value-added solutions anchored in integrity, trust, excellence, accountability, professionalism, innovation, and personalization.


Integrity is the bedrock of our work. Our relationships with clients and partners are transparent, honest and ethical. These principles are embedded in and drive our actions.

We believe every successful relationship is built on trust. We create an open and inclusive environment that inspires and maintains confidence in our integrity, reliability and competence.

We bring passion and commitment to every interaction. Our goal is to give and be the best from moment to moment.

We take pride in our brand and work to promote and preserve our reputation. We take personal ownership of our actions and focus on finding solutions and achieving results.

We promote an energetic, optimistic and fun environment, while fulfilling commitments with the highest level of competence and a “can do” attitude.

We are driven to go beyond. . .We integrate leading-edge, evidence-based practices and technological advances to promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

We make people feel valued and appreciated. We tailor our approach to embrace diversity and provide solutions that are personal and customized.